Friday, August 21, 2009

Graduation 09!

back to kuching last weekend, attended MY graduation!
on the way BACK, my heart sank..
suddenly felt like the memories in unimas kept on flashing back again,
our orientation week during first year,
so so many funny moments during class, some silly jokes of lecturers, pranks,
activities, go fast foods, hantam hartz and hornbill steamboat ....
those were the days..
playing like a film without sound..

This day is what we were aiming for for those 3 years
these 3 years just flashed by
all the best to all my bestfrens, frens, coursemates,
my amazing roommates-tommy, weijian and lingsiong (how i would survive without snatching food from u all, hahaha),
and to all whom i knoe..

in front of BHEP, i just LOVED this pic!

in front of our faculty............

guess wat, doing this is AMAZINGLY FUN!!

my bros, who involuntarily became my photographers as v toured them around in UNIMAS
just cant live without them!